Drilling Department

Head of Department:
Vasilyev Nikolay Ivanovich

Tel.: +7 (812) 328-82-61,
(812) 328-84-78

e-mail: drilling@spmi.ru

Department includes
15 members, among them:
5 professor,
3 associate professors,
3 Assistant lecturers.
1 Chief of Laboratory
3 engineers.

Brief Historical Overview

The department was founded in 1948 in Leningrad Institute of Mines to train qualified mining engineers (specialty 0108 Methods of Mineral Deposit Exploration) for Geology Service, specialists capable to be in charge of design and familiarization of new efficient drilling and mining tools and machinery which were of great importance in the after war country economy having acute need of mineral resources.

Over 1000 engineers have graduated since that time. Many of them became outstanding industrial and research centers leaders.

Since 2011 the department has offered bachelor’s degree academic programmes in  Oil and Gas, Oil and Gas Wells Drilling. Since 2012 the department has offered master’s degree academic programmes in Methods of Oil and Gas Wells Penetration in abnormal operating conditions, Horizontal Wells Drilling, Methods of Oil and Gas Wells Penetration , methods of Study of physical and chemical characteristics of drilling processes.

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