List of international cooperation and integration programs coordinators

The Head of CIP

Vladimir Tikhonovich BORZENKOV

PhD in Engineering Science


+7(812) 328-81-17
+7(812) 328-82-66
+7(812) 328 82 48

Rooms 2403, 2302

E-mail: ums@spmi.ru

The structure of the Center of
International Programs includes:
  • Department of International
    Academic Programs and Grants
  • Department of International
    Corporate and Research Programs
  • Department responsible for receiving and servicing foreign delegations



The University trains specialists for foreign countries since 1946.

Over 2,000 engineers and those holding Masters degrees in the fields of geology, mining and metallurgy, more than 260 Doctors and Candidates of sciences from 53 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa have been trained at the University. The United States, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, the Central African Republic, Namibia, Nigeria, Cuba, Colombia are among them.

Mining University has about 40 co-operation agreements with leading foreign universities and educational centers, acting on a bilateral basis or within the framework of various international programs and projects.

Every year more than 600 students and employees of Mining University take part in international conferences and symposia; do internships at leading foreign universities, research centers, companies and partner companies.

The University is a regular participant of the largest international exhibitions of inventions and innovations in Paris, Brussels, Seoul, Nuremberg, Shanghai and other cities.

Having developed modern infrastructure, the University annually hosts more than 50 major conferences, seminars and symposia.

The main areas of activity are:

  • Planning and organization of the University international activities, development of methods of implementation, preparation of agreements (programs), and other documents on the implementation of the tasks of the University in the field of international relations.
  • Search for foreign partners whose cooperation is in the best interests of the University and has a favorable prospect.
  • Coordination of the University departments activities on the development and implementation of international agreements, programs, projects and contracts.
  • Methodological guidance on the organization of international educational, scientific and technical relations of the University.
  • Interaction with foreign partners, international organizations at home and abroad, embassies of foreign states on the implementation of international relations at the University.
  • Information support of the international activities of the University, management of the database and the provision of information on international relations, including the use of international telecommunications.
  • Information and marketing support for the commercialization of intellectual property and technology transfer, preparation of business proposals for potential partners.
  • Provision of reception and service of foreign nationals and delegations invited to the University.
  • Organization of work with Associations of the University’s foreign graduates in various regions and countries.
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